Bamboo Extra Thick Socks | Made in Australia

Bamboo Textiles

92% Bamboo 8% Elastane 

This Premium extra thick sock made here in Australia brings you the comfort and softness of bamboo socks whether you are at work, home or play. With natural anti-bacterial properties in bamboo fibre you will find they require washing less often but importantly still smell fresh. Bamboo fabric naturally breathes, is thermo-regulating and any moisture (sweat) is immediately absorbed and drawn away from the skin. Its amazing the difference a good pair of socks can make, you will find your feet feel more comfortable throughout the day and with less odour when you do finally get to put your feet up. 

  • Made in Australia
  • Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Odour
  • Draws moisture away from the skin
  • Can be worn longer without washing and smelling
  • Thermo-regulating bamboo fibre
  • Draws moisture away from the skin
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Sustainable