About Us

Better Footprint was born from a desire to find a more sustainable way to live and reduce our own contribution to the ever increasing footprint we are leaving on this planet.

It is our belief that the planet will not be saved by one person being the perfect eco warrior, but rather by many people with a desire to change and do better. What is important is that we all make that first step to reduce our own personal impact, every little bit counts.

We believe most people want to make a difference and are environmentally conscious, but with the chaos and demands of work and life, struggle to know where to start. 

Our mission is to provide you with quality, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethical products/solutions to help you on your own eco journey, and together make a greater impact. We don’t believe in selling you anything we wouldn’t be happy to use, or couldn’t use ourselves. It doesn't help our environment if you don't use the products you are buying. 

Better Footprint is not just a business for us, but an opportunity to make a positive impact through knowledge and action. A journey that will be ongoing as we continue to seek out and research more practical, sustainable solutions to share with you and grow our range.

Our vision is to continue to evolve and find new ways to tackle the environmental issues facing our planet. The end goal is to one day be planet positive, meaning our impact or footprint is not just neutral, but actually adds value back to the environment. We believe together, we can create a Better Footprint.